Our restaurant was established in 1984 and we were even able to reach our 30 year anniversary.
We were able to reach this milestone thanks to the patronage of our wonderful customers. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for your patronage that you have provided to us all these years. Going forward, we will continue to carefully select the employees that we hire at our restaurant and our entire staff will continue to raise the quality of the food that we offer, so that the customers that continue to visit us will be able to enjoy our facilities even more.

At our shop, we only use meat that comes from Grade A5 Japanese cows. Even the tan (beef tongue) and harami (skirt beef) that we offer comes from Japanese beef that is only provided in extremely small quantities. The items that we offer as side dishes are all prepared by hand within our shop. We get the rice and seasonal vegetables that we use for those dishes from farmers that we have special contracts with. Furthermore at our Himeji restaurant, we have gotten permission to offer raw meat dishes from the first time and we are taking all possible precautions to ensure our customers’ safety from the perspective of good hygiene in regards to the meat.

In order to offer these kinds of high quality dishes in a relaxed space that our customers can enjoy, we offer an extensive lineup of beverages and have one of Japan’s best sommelier available to offer advice about wine to our customers. There is a possibility that the sommelier may be able offer their services in English (there may be instances where the sommelier is not available, so please inquire with us via email prior to visiting our shop about this service). We have prepared a wide variety of services for our customers, so that you will be able to have a wonderful time at our restaurant; an even more wonderful time than you would have at any other restaurant! I look forward to your next visit to our shop.

Restaurant Owner